A sample of books written or translated by Katrin Gygax

Today's Office Looks Like This, by Katrin Gygax
An unconventional guide to Switzerland that offers inspiration for mobile workers, with 60 non-traditional offices: some moving, some stationary. The guide includes humorous essays, tips on where eat, what to see, and ideas for activities along the way.
ISBN 978-3-03774-067-5


The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
with additional texts by Anita Spielmann-Spengler and Fritz Huser

Goethe's classic story about the sorcerer's apprentice who gets in over his head.
Including a modern translation of Goethe's poem by Katrin Gygax, click here for details.
ISBN 978-3-9524280-4-7


Typically Swiss, I Guess, by Katrin Gygax
In this contribution to the book "Ticking Along Free", Katrin Gygax explains what she's doing in Switzerland and why the ideal job requires a decent pair of pyjamas.
ISBN 3-905252-02-3


Patrouille Suisse Backstage, by Urs Mattle
Translated by Katrin Gygax
The story of Patrouille Suisse, the aerobatic display team of the Swiss Air Force.
ISBN 978-3-909111-76-3


The Golden Age of Alpine Ski-ing, by Max D. Amstutz
Translated by Katrin Gygax
The history of downhill skiing, from its origins in Mürren, Switzerland to the present.
ISBN 978-3-909111-79-4


The Home of FIFA
The official publication for the inauguration of FIFA's new headquarters in 2007

Translated by Katrin Gygax
An architectural description of FIFA's offices in Zurich.
ISBN-13 978-3-9523264-5-9


A Crash Course in Mathematica, by Stephan Kaufmann
Translated by Katrin Gygax
A compact introduction to the software programme Mathematica.
ISBN 3-7643-6127-1


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